Frequently Asked Questions – YSDE Field Trip


What is the Youth Science Discovery Experience Field Trip (YSDE-FT)? This is an exciting opportunity for West Virginia 8th grade students to experience Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in a fun and engaging way. For more information, please email or call 304-205-9724 x94.

Who is it for? It is designed for 8th grade students in West Virginia. It is for groups of 12 students and two teachers/chaperones.

What will these students do at YSDE-FT? The students will participate in a variety of activities that will provide relevant exposure to the application of STEM in the real world. Through these activities, students will become aware of STEM education and career opportunities.

What does it cost? The YSDE-FT is provided at no cost to the participants and teachers. Meals, lodging and program materials are all included. Groups will be selected based on funding and any other specific factors. A stipend is provided for teachers. A travel allowance is also provided to assist with transportation.

When is it held? It is held during the school year starting on Friday evenings and ending on Sunday afternoons in the Fall and Spring. Due to potential inclement weather, YSDE-FT will not be scheduled during the Winter.

Where is it held? Most Field Trips will be held at the National Youth Science Center (NYSCenter) in Davis, West Virginia. From there students will spend most of one day at a STEM Destination a relative distance from the NYSCenter. However, some Field Trips may be held at other locations due to the proximity of the STEM Destinations.

Where do the students and teachers stay for the two nights? The students and teachers will be provided local lodging for the two nights at a local establishment.

What topics will be covered? It will depend on the STEM Destination and presenters / facilitators as to the topic(s) that will be covered. They can range in subject in any of the STEM fields with information and activities geared towards 8th grade students.

How do I get my child(ren) or students to participate? Please email or call 304-205-9724 x94 to get on the list to be considered for invitation. Selection of groups will be determined based on various factors.